Military Service:

For more than 25 years we have been co-operating with the British Forces in
Germany and cover the following military locations:

Javelin Barracks Elmpt BFPO 35
St. Barbara Barracks Fallingbostel BFPO 38
Lumsden Barracks Fallingbostel BFPO 38
Hammersmith Barracks Herford BFPO 15
Wentworth Barracks Herford BFPO 15
Harwood Barracks Herford BFPO 15
Normandy Barracks Sennelager BFPO 16
Dempsey Barracks Sennelager BFPO 16
Athlone Barracks Sennelager BFPO 16
Oxford Barracks Münster BFPO 17
York Barracks Münster BFPO 17
Trenchard Barracks Celle BFPO 23
Campbell Barracks (Hohne Camp) Bergen BFPO 30
Gordon Barracks Hameln BFPO 31
International School Hameln BFPO 31
Barker Barracks Paderborn BFPO 33
Allenbrooke Barracks Paderborn BFPO 33
International School Detmold BFPO 33
Haigh Barracks (Hohne Camp) Bergen BFPO 30
Caen Barracks (Hohne Camp) Bergen BFPO 30
Rochdale Barracks Bielefeld BFPO 39
Catterick Barracks Bielefeld BFPO 39
Princess Royal Barracks Gütersloh BFPO 47
Mansergh Barracks Gütersloh BFPO 47

NATO Headquarters Brussels BFPO 49


International School / AFCENT Brunssum BFPO 28